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Sneads Ferry, NC USA

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Hello all, Just dusted off my Century Predator gasser the other day and cracked the windscreen. Can't find the part on Heli World site. Anyone have a flexible lexan or other material to make/cut-out another windscreen? Doesn't have to be see through. I used some fake carbon fiber sheeting before on my old JR ergo 60 but can't find the stuff anymore. Thanks for any help.


Century Hawk Sport, OS .32, Futaba 7C, GY-601 9251
Predator Gasser SE G-23 JR gyro/servo

01-17-2017 02:19 PM

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Ottawa, Ontario

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try using a plastic 2 litre pop bottle

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01-17-2017 02:53 PM

Senior Heliman

Pine Grove, Calif, USA

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Take the cracked plastic off the canopy. Layer some thin (.75 - 2.0 ounce) fiberglass cloth to the inside (with thin CA). Go to the outside and glue, then fill and sand the cracked area. Spray with your favorite opaque color and you're done.

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01-17-2017 03:23 PM



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Yep, what he just said. It'll fit better I think trying to repair the existing windscreen. You can fiberglass it on the inside, fill, prime seal on the outside and paint. It will be opaque from now on but that probably doesn't matter to you. It certainly is how I prefer them anyhow.

Is there any chance the Predator gasser uses the same canopy or windscreen as the Hawk Pro?

01-17-2017 04:42 PM

Senior Heliman

Barstow, California

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A Raptor 90 canopy is a replacement with little modification.

01-17-2017 05:19 PM
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