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Leeds, England

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I think im close to taking a plunge into this relatively new world, I have flown a friends and can see the fun to be had buzzing through woodland racing your friends etc.

What I noticed is how little throttle you need the majority of the time (4s). Would it be better to start out on 3s to get longer flights or would you run out of power if you needed to get out of trouble?

What about props? I remember from my pusher prop jet that a bigger lower pitch props gets you more thrust and a smaller higher pitch prop gets you more top end speed. Surely with a quad you are more interested in thrust than speed? Would a 5030 be better than a 5045 allowing the motor to rev higher and be more efficient?

I remember trying to go full speed down the field and pull up and it didn't want to know is this because the motors were already on full chat and had nothing left to pull up? Is that why you need such high pitch props?

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12-12-2016 02:45 PM

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Port Saint Luice Florida....

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I would start with 5/3/2 as it will be a bit "softer" to throttle response and will give the longest run times. As you progress you can start each flying session with the 3S 5/3/2 and then switch to the 4S 5/45/2 or 5/4/3. it all comes down to "power used" for run time.

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12-13-2016 03:53 PM
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