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2 heads are better than one, or in the case.. MANY heads!! lol

any suggestions on how to secure a retractable gear heli to a crate for shipment? i have an idea, foam below the fuse, foam above the winglets, and strapping down.. but.. i dont know..

im trying to effectively and safely secure a Vario Bell 230 to a crate for shipment via grayhound, or LTL, my issue is the bottom 1/2 of the fuse..

i might have to ship the NH90 im also selling so any advice would be greatly appreciated

12-04-2016 08:49 PM
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Take a piece of styrofoam a little thicker than the distance to lift the heli off the bottom of the crate say 8" x8" square, and cut a hole where the retract will be in the middle of this piece, do for all three wheels. I stack several thinner pieces to get where i have to be. Now its off the wheels supported by the foam and dropping it will not damage the retract formers. I then run a strap lengthwise from nose to tail with the strap going over the rotorhead and do it vertically as well. Pieces of styrofoam on the nose and tail and side pods keep it from moving around.

12-04-2016 09:27 PM
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