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northridge ca,91324

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I was able to switch banks for mini Vbar and JR9503.

I cannot make it work for Vbar NEO Express and JR9503.

Could somebody help please?


11-30-2016 01:40 AM

Key Veteran


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BEST OF LUCK I have been trying to get a hold of tech support for 5 days NO LUCK there product support SUCKS

01-10-2017 01:04 AM


naugatuck, ct,usa

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That's not true Mikado USA tech support is great. They were just on a recess around 12/24 until around 1/03.
Just give Ron a call because he represents their tech support & has been invaluable. I just spoke to him today & he really bends over backwards to help.
I was having a familiar problem with my jr. 11x & he walked me through it. For ex. The bank switching is setup actually in the transmitter section whereas you have to assign it to a 3 position switch just as your servos ex. 1,2,3 & in that menu you'll also see I believe motor
Again it's setup is in that menu & give Ron a call he'll get back to you
As a matter of fact all of the guys that I speak to at Micado USA are true ambassadors to Mikado & this hobby Gorgin & Chris

01-10-2017 11:24 PM
Ronald Thomas


Gainesville, Fl, USA

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Considering I was on the phones all day today and called everyone back who left a message, I am not sure where you got that from.
If you need help, call tomorrow between 10-5 est, I will be there

Team MikadoUSA 480XXTreme, 550SX, 600SX, 700XXTreme, 800XXTreme!!

01-11-2017 12:39 AM
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