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So I returned my bad Kontronic Jive 100+LV controller for a new Jive 120 HV. My motor still has the ends on it, (male ends, was told this is not typical, male ends on controller??) anyway, I need to get connectors that are appropriate for the motor controller. I measured the ends on the motor and I get 4mm Not sure what size I need to buy, would like to get something that works and allows me to keep the existing ends on the motor, not sure thats possible. What gauge is correct? I cant find any specs for that motor online, I may be able to find the orig manual with the motor somewhere. Any suggestions? its been three plus years, is there a better option these days?

BTW Kontronic repair is very customer friendly and helpful, gave me a good discount towards the new controller. Was out of warrenty for 15 months.


Anyone have this controller in a Goblin 500? I dont know if the controller will fix with the heatsink, where I had the older one. Not sure its an issue running without the additional heatsink provided.
A picture would be super useful

10-14-2016 07:30 PM
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