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I am looking to buy a 200A ESC for the Logo700 I have coming. (I will be running the XNova motor if that makes a difference)

I have used YGE only up until now on all my other Logos.

The options on the table are:
- Hobbywing Platinum Pro 200 V4
- YGE 200HV (with heatsink)
- Cool Kosmik 200HV

I would likely use the VBar governor on the HW and YGE. I am told I can't use the Vbar gov on the Kosmik.

Why would I pay double for the Kosmik compared to the price of the other two??? What does it do better? (besides being the only one with a BEC)

What would be your choice and why?

Thanks for any opinions and info you may have,


10-10-2016 03:45 PM
Ace Dude



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Kosmik would be my choice for these reasons in no particular order:

1) Internal governor works great.
2) BEC is excellent.
3) Reliability.
4) Ease of setup.
5) I like the mounting tabs for connection of battery/motor wires.
6) Convenience for telemetry output for use with TelMe or jLog and not requiring an in-line fuel gauge between battery and BEC.
7) An equivalent BEC for an ESC that doesn't have an internal BEC will run $100-200. Internal BEC in Kosmik makes wiring easier than using an external BEC.
8) Service and support.


10-10-2016 04:33 PM
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