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Omaha, Nebraska

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So he knocks on the big door.
Tired of the 'world', wants to be a monk.
Head man says, "Well sir this monastery commands
a vow of silence."

"But we allow you a couple of words at
your anniversary."

He agrees.

One year later, he comes to the big office,
and they ask him for a couple of words.

He says, "Hard Bed."

Goes back to silence.

Next year, same thing.

He says, "Bad Food."

Goes back to quietly peeling potatoes.

Third anniversary, he is invited to the office.

"Do you have a couple of words", the Monk asks.

He conjectures carefully for a long moment
and says, "I quit!"

"Well its about time! You've done nothing
but complain since you got here!"

I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!

10-08-2016 03:00 AM
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