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Hey guys, first let me apologize as im sure this topic has been brought up already. Im just getting back into helis. I have been flying on and off for over 10 years.

Previously I owned a G630 comp and a 500. I just loved the 500 and am looking to get another.

I have been reading on 3-bladed heads, and am trying to weigh the options. As far as I can tell a 3-bladed head will allow you to run a lower head speed yet providing an equal amount of lift of a 2-bladed head at a considerably higher head speed. So it loger fight times are a result that is great, how long i'm going to assume it may be only seconds longer?

Then, for the 500 they do not offer a 3 bladed tail... I would assume if running a 3-bladed head... and lower HS you would need to increase the Gain considerably on the gyro to compensate for NOT have a 3 bladed tail

Anyway I am pretty traditional person... To me less parts == less $ when you biff it, and less parts to replace. I would love any input anyone has on this thanks!

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09-29-2016 04:45 PM

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I love what 3 blades did to my G500.
The lower head speed gives awesome sound, and flight characteristics become 'bigger'. The model feels bigger.
Flight time was not changed much.
I installed the 100mm tail blades that came with the conversion kit. They work just fine, also at the lower head speed.

Kim Jensen

09-29-2016 07:31 PM

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Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

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There is also a tail speed up gear so you can maintain tail authority while flying the lower headspeed.


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09-29-2016 08:20 PM

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Buckley WA

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I just put a 3 balde head on a 380 yesterday and took it out to fly it. It was a drop in replacement. i took the 2 blade head off and put the 3 blade head on....took 5 minutes. Went thru the setup on Ar7200bx and took off. It flew really good after a little tuning on dial 2 to turn down the gain to stop a silght bobble on eveavator. Also i put in a little moe expo on all controls and it where i like it.
It flys different in that it floaty in a hover and a little pitchy in FFF. I sure i can tune that down. More test flight are planned for this afternoon.
The battery and motor both came in cool to the touch, didnt expect that......

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10-12-2016 04:51 PM

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Cherry Hill

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Im selling mine from my 3 blade head HPS3 from my 570KSE.. lots of parts too. Sure makes it sound amazing!

10-12-2016 06:59 PM
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