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Saratoga Springs, NY

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As we get ready for winter in the north easy, I am purchasing a flight simulator. All of my household computers are macs, so I need to buy something new to run a simulator.

I am looking at the phoenix 5.5 - Should I buy it with a DXE or DX6i.I have heard they do not come with charging cables - is that true?

My plan is to hook this up to my TV - I am not computer savvy. But I found this -

I think I can hook it up with through the HDMI port, which as it is through the graphics card should be decent. Any advice?

09-19-2016 03:18 AM

Key Veteran

Sterling Heights, MI - USA

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I don't use Phoenix, so I can't say whether the specs are good enough or not. I have hooked several computers to my big screen TV through HDMI. That part should work fine. It is as though you hooked a large monitor to the computer. You want to determine whether your native resolution of the TV is 720p or 1080 - not whether it can show a signal from either, but what is the actual resolution of the screen. Then set that resolution in Windows. It will work either way, but the display will look better if you choose the right resolution.

Windows 10 should recognize when the HDMI is plugged in and connect automatically. My TV, and I assume most newer sets, will recognize that the HDMI is plugged in and offer to switch to that input. If not, you may need to switch inputs on the TV.

I have never noticed any performance difference between the computer monitor and the big screen TV.

Phil Heavin

09-19-2016 02:14 PM


Dublin, OH

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That system should run Phoenix ok. As ph7 said, running a tv off the hdmi port is no issue.

09-19-2016 05:48 PM
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