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ProModeler Scorpion Power

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Toledo, oh u.s

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I think I had one about batteries, shouldn't be a concern. I used multiple guides/apps to study. FAA study guide, ASA remote pilot study guide, 3dr study guide. Honestly I think it was more than I needed. I would use the FAA study guide and maybe find an app or study guide that has a good pool of practice questions.

09-08-2016 05:27 PM



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Passed my Aeronautical FAA UAS test today! I thought it was not too bad, but I definitely put in 45-50 hours of studying to pass it. Feels good.

09-15-2016 06:32 PM
Dr. Fibinotchi

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Sioux Falls SD

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Congrats all who passed their test. Its a huge relief to get it over eh?

I passed mine in Sept. I do remember a question on lipos on the test. It was if you had a scenario of a questionable pack.

Its taking a while to get the complete liscense from FAA.

On a side note if you are looking for a RTF setup without the camera that has camera control, gimble etc I am selling a setup. I knew a bit back it was going to have sell it. Family/ medical items have put a dampener on some things. Have to pause getting the second ship finished for now. PM me if your interested. I am very interested in selling.



If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

11-21-2016 06:35 PM

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Got my temporary sUAS last week. Waiting for the card in the mail now. Not sure what to do with it yet, but it was easy going thru part 61 and already being a modeler for a while.


Keep your feet on the ground, but your eyes on the sky.

12-28-2016 11:13 PM
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