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For those of you who wonder, back in winter of 2016 I bought a clone 380 and the first thing I wanted to do was convert to a 500 and put 425 blades on. Simple mod to head was using any 8mm shaft head, trex, compass, what have you clone head assembly which have 10mm blade root clamps. Someone on another site mentioned the feathering shaft from the 380 would not hold up to the larger blades but I'm not sure that's all that's involved there, I think it would.

The boom was an easy stretch so I openly requested broken 380 booms from other members to no avail, no one responded. It's possible guys think the gobys are hallowed ground and don't want upgrade companies to intrude on the party, aka fanboys, fair enough.

The canopy dimensions of the 380 and entire assembly is all 500, proportionately there's no second guessing that. Problem was sourcing a belt which may have come from a Blade 500 product (discontinued). Next we have a typically 500 motor at 1600kv which mine, a Turnigy SK3 variety, fits all perfect in the heli. Now there's a little problem of gearing with that motor. The Gob.D380's have a drive line geared for a 1000 or a 900kv motor to spin the head at 3400rpm max, with a 1600kv motor it will spin much too high rpm in 380 configuration, much too high in 420 form with 425's. Motor selection is prime in adapting 500 parts to a 380 and a 600 motor is the only kv rated one closely matched to the existing 380 gearing, a custom wind would be in order to lower the SK3 1600kv motor (no biggy).

Then comes the 380 servos, the micro servos. Not long ago before digital/hv you had mini servos which were capable of the same output and speed as today's dhv micro servos, that's not the best now for hard 3d in a 500 but will work for sport albeit the servos might stall earlier, and probably burn out earlier than a good mini. The "mini" size is the one used for the tail on the 380. Unfortunately on the swash the 380 is stuck with micro servos unless the top end is re-engineered for them and only some crafty individual with proper engineering and fab techniques would be able to pull it off professionally.

I wanted to "500" my 380 the minute I got it and said a lot about the 500ness of the 380 in a certain 380 clone thread out there, just didn't make it my life's priority so my 380 is on the work table, waiting, waiting. It's waiting for a motor of 900kv and will need a suitable esc before it's flyable, everything else has been properly assembled. If I extend a boom and fit a Blade 500 belt and perhaps a 500 head only the servo upsize will have to be reviewed to make it work.

btw, the most the stock grips could be machined to in terms of opening them for a thicker blade root is 8mm without compromising the grip to too thin proportions.

So take a lesson, I've given advice on several heli developments such as the D380 hub upgrade, the notion of the 380 as 500, b+w KBDD blades which so happened to be made a month before they came out and a week after it was advised, and one other thing that escapes me atm. The net is a free for all info gleaning source and if you mention any advance or option or modification chances are if it's a good one it will interest more than a few people with cash in their pocket for hobbies. That's why I no longer show and tell everyone everything, as a guy like luvmyhelis can attest, he was doing things two years before industry adapted, now the hv format is standard.

The industry is a bit if a whore, here and now, money first, take it if it will help sell sell sell product, get in quickly get your ya-ya's off and get out while things are hot. First is money for necessities then money to travel and PARTY, and god knows party comes first. Look how the multi market took off for example and Blade as an example of how rc helis got pushed back for the bottom dollar at HQ.

It's interesting. Leads me to ask, why are Sab goblins so oddly sized with oddball numbers and now never made blade size engineered? Is SAB killing the pod and boom heli? or trying to do anything but call their helis 450, 500, 550, 600, 700, 800 for simplicity sake? Or, it's a marketing thing, you have to "different" otherwise guilt by association, touche'. How about 4.5.22 or 599+, or 567, or 789, or 345, or 255.55.2 or, 711.1 or,,, you see the thing they will always be a sub/up size of 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 hundred something.

Enjoy the days compadre's.

08-19-2016 02:13 PM
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