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Here are some pictures I took at IRCHA 2016 of the all new Compass eXo.

This is me and the German Compass team with the eXo.

This shows a closeup of the eXo head. The head design is similar to that of the Warp 360 with two main differences. One, the head is slotted so the Jesus bolt performs a clamping function on the main shaft. This means a very tight fit! Two, the head is rigid. This means that unlike the Warp 360 which used the CF grips as "dampers", this head has no damping. Testing has been performed at low head speeds and I'm happy to report that there was no wobble and the tail held.

This shows the eXo tail. While it's beautiful, the big departure from previous Compass tails is the bearing loaded pitch links. This means smoother operation from the start--no resizing links. Also, Sebastian informed me that the eXo tail can be used on the Chronos!

I know this might seem boring to some, but to me it's an elegant tail drive--look at the tensioners. This takes lessons learned with the Warp 360 and other models to the next level!

The frame is monocoque in design and is approximately 2mm thick. The frame is both molded and cured using an autoclave process. This is an expensive process but yields superior strength to parts that are simply vacuum cured. The cost of a frame should it be damaged in a crash is approximately $94.00 US. Being that it's 2mm thick and autoclave cured, I'm thinking the frame will be very strong. I know it is a thing of beauty when you see it in person. It could be a Formula 1 car part! It's that nice!


Team Compass USA - Field Rep, Spartan Vortex,Team Scorpion,Team KBDD

08-18-2016 01:09 AM
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