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Palmyra, Va.

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I just finished setting up my has a BeastX and I am running a head speed of 2350 up to 2500 and the gyro gain is now at 55 or 60. I have tried it from 45 to 65 and I cannot seem to get the ever slight tail wag out of it. Any ideas on what I need to try to change?

07-31-2016 03:07 PM


Fountain Valley, CA

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Here is what I suggest:

- on the servo horn, use the hole second from center
- remove the plastic ball link on the rear & see if it's sticking
- sometimes too much loctite jams the mechanism

The amount of tail gain is relative to:
- TX
- Servo brand
- if the the heli is mechanically sound, than use whatever gain that will hold the tail & nose case tail wag @ high speeds.

stock tail servo has a gain of 55
new JR tail servo has a tail gain of 25

- Scott

07-31-2016 08:25 PM

Senior Heliman

Peterborough, England

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I had the same issue it was the tail slider sticking,
I bought mine second hand with 6 flights on it,
I took the tail slider apart cleaned it up and now no problem.

07-31-2016 08:32 PM

Senior Heliman

Centralia, WA USA

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I don't know any other information on your setup other than what you posted, but the manual doesn't show any recommended RPM less than 3250. You maybe running a bit low. I run 3450rpm doing sport/ light 3D. Smack pilots are running like 3600-3700. These little guys like Rs. I know about the tail wag thing and it is not uncommon, nor easy to tune out. I get some wag at 3200rpm in I/U-2, at 3450rpm in I/U-3 it's fine.

I fly iKon FBL and am not well versed on the BeastX. For me, the tail gain is the first to get dialed in before advanced adjustments. If I have a slow wag, I would increase the tail gain. If fast wag or oscillation with turns I would back the tail gain down a little at a time till its gone.

One other thing I found about my it!! If I just hover and watch every little glitch it makes it will bug the crap out of me. As long as it takes off, flies well without oscillations or blowing out I'll keep it. Hope I was of help, best wishes.

G380, G500, G630C, G770C
Aerodyne MD500E 600
Ecureuil AS350 700, Bell 222 800
Jeti DS-14 AMA 611227

07-31-2016 10:45 PM
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