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One last thing (not related to Rescue or Auto Level):
The Bailout / Soft Start only works as expected if the throttle channel's idling setting is less than 10% (as seen on the gyro's Throttle Channel read out on the PC application)

On my 2 nitros, I initially set the servo's 0% to be the throttle barrel fully closed and the 100% to be the throttle barrel fully open.
You know you are there when the throttle servo starts a faint buzzz as it starts to bind against the limits.
This is supposed to be ideal. You have a perfectly match between the gyro's throttle channel to the physical travel of the carb's barrel.

Given the current release of the MSH software, unfortunately this is the wrong way to set it up.

Because to get a typical nitro to idle reliably, the throttle needs to be opened to about 15% (on my YS 60SR and the YS 120SR-X).
This means your throttle trim on the TX is opening the barrel to 15% and your Throttle Hold is also set to 15% (15% is seen on the gyro's PC app screen and the throttle barrel is physically opened 15%).

The problem is, that once the gyro's gov is enable, the MSH software does not change to Bailout mode (or Soft Start mode if the Bailout timer is exceeded) until the throttle channel goes below 10%
This is a problem.

Until I figured it out, I could never get the bailout to gracefully switch from "Bailout" or "Soft Start" back into Flight Mode (because, it never actually went into Bailout or Soft Start).

It was always too aggressive and dangerous at low headspeed.
If I was practicing autorotation, the low headspeed bailout would jump to the programmed headspeed and I'd get a 90-degree tail swing.
And, it was a disaster once I landed and tried to take off again. It would instantly try to jump to the programed headspeed. It would do 1 1/2 pirouettes on the runway while the clutch was starting to smoke before I could get it into the air.

This was because the gyro was still in "Flight Mode".

The "solution" is to do your setup as you would normally do it, and get you engine's idle setting correct.
Don't try the Bailout.
And, if you land, stay down. Shutdown the motor and power cycle the gyro before you try to take off again.

Then, on the bench set the TX to TH then take a Sharpie and mark the barrel / carb at the idle (this indicates the "15%" physical opening of the barrel needed for the engine to idle - OF COURSE, your value will be different than mine).
Adjust the TX's throttle trim and adjust the TX Throttle Hold until the gyro's PC app shows 8% throttle.
Now, adjust the servo arm / throttle link until the marks you made with the Sharpie line up (8% gyro throttle = 15% barrel opening).
Don't forget to check / readjust the 100% point also.

This will give you the same opening in the throttle barrel you need for idling (plus a little bit of adjustment) and the gyro "thinks" you are below the magic 10% for Bailout & Soft Start to function properly.

I also set the Throttle Cut off to -150% to get the barrel closed enough to shut off the motor (not as good as 0%, but it basically does the job).

I know that a lot of guys use a Throttle Curve on the TX for the initial startup (0, 25%, 40%, 40% 40%).
This is not a "solution". This masks the problem.
You can land, move the collective (throttle) to full down and it will disengage the gov (below 35%). Then you nurse the collective (throttle) back up and the head speed is close the programmed headspeed before the gov engages (35%).
So, the "bump" in headspeed is not noticed.

I use three flat curves and start the heli in TH.
For me it was extremely noticeable.

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08-18-2016 08:45 PM

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and can then flip it off when I feel ready to take over
This applied to the old Self Level. The new Rescue returns control to you after the time you've set.

If you set it at 2 sec, you have to hold the Bind button for this time and start controlling it again immediately after. If you release the button inside 2 sec, it gives you back control at that point.

New Rescue is probably better on a switch, rather than the button.

08-19-2016 12:41 AM

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If you set it at 2 sec, you have to hold the Bind button for this time and start controlling it again immediately after. If you release the button inside 2 sec, it gives you back control at that point.
That is close to accurate. But, it requires some clarification.

The Rescue will stay enabled for as long as the bind button (or 2 way switch) is pressed or switched on.
I've actually (accidentally) taken off in Rescue mode.

The "Duration" setting is the length of time the gyro will set the collective to the maximum value that programmed.

Assume that 100% collective is normally +10 degrees.

In the Rescue tab (in the Advanced View), you set:
1) Rescue Pitch Max to 75 (percent)
2) Rescue Pitch Duration for is set to 1 (second).
3) Maximum Angle (degrees) is set to 30
4) Auto Level Gain is set to 40.

Now, switch on Rescue (or press and hold the Bind button for 10 seconds (or however long you like)), the gyro will
A) Flip to upright
B) Apply 75% of normal collective (in this case, 7.5 degrees of collective)
C) For a duration of 1 second.
D) And it will do it pretty aggressively (Gain set to 40)

At the end of 1 second, the gyro will slowly start moving the collective to the transmitter's collective stick's current position (but not too quickly) and limit the cyclic angle to no more than 30 degrees (elevator or bank).

After 1 second (assuming the Rescue is still enabled), the collective and cyclic will be very slow to react to any inputs from the transmitter and the heli will not be able to exceed the maximum bank angle in cyclic

If you un-press the Bind button (or switch back to Rescue Off) at any time, full control reverts to the transmitter's current stick positions.

This is mainly why people use the 2 way switch to activate Rescue. If you press the Bind button for 1/2 second and release too soon, the control reverts to the transmitter.
This wild gyration can make a bad situation worse.

This can also be scary if you forgot you had full down collective (like you were inverted and then hit Rescue).

Some guys have programmed their fancy Spektrum radios so they can press the Bind button and Rescue stays enabled for as long as the Bind button is pressed and adds 2 seconds after they release it.
This gives the at least 2 seconds to figure out what is going wrong and how to correct it if their finger slips off the button.

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08-19-2016 05:07 AM
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