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Ive been working really hard the past couple weeks remodeling a new home we just bought. My wife went ahead and got me a nice little surprise gift for all the hard work What a catch, huh!

Anyhow, I've looked this over a few times and couldn't really tell what it does or if it's something I would "need" or would find useful... I already have the UI sensors on my machines and they do everything I could ever want. Should I install this and give it a try or send it back and find something else I'd get more use out of?

From what I understand, it keeps detailed logs of my packs and automatically stores the info without having to manually chose which pack I'm running with the UI sensors. I'm not really a data freak when it comes to my packs, but I do take good care of them and keep track of their health. Will this come in handy? Note, I don't want to have to pull out a computer to look at this info. Does it show up on my control?

I can't seem to find much, if any, info on these units so this is why I'm turning to you all. Let me know your thoughts please!


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07-16-2016 03:04 AM

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Dumont, NJ-USA

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Just takes out the step of having to select the pack from a list of packs when you power up the heli. The battery tag sensor will select the battery you are using in the heli automatically. It requires a bit of real estate to mount so finding a spot on a heli smaller than a 700 class would be challenging.

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07-18-2016 01:14 AM
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