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Can anyone confirm if it's wise to use (Fellowes) brand paper shredder oil for our heli shafts /swash and tail rotor shaft ?

Is it similar to gun oil?

07-08-2016 04:53 AM


Cedar Rapids, IA

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Soybean and/or vegetable oil. Some may be mineral oil.

Main and tail rotor shafts don't necessarily NEED to be oiled, especially if it is part of a nitro heli.

For a short time, I used tri-flow as some recommend. I quit after losing my Hirobo Sceadu in flight when the tail rotor pitch slider got hung up on the sticky gunk that built up on the shaft. Oil and dirt are not helicopter friendly.

My electric choppers have played well over the years without oiling the shafts.


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07-08-2016 05:51 AM

Key Veteran

Buckley WA

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I dont oil any shafts any more either....oil will attract dirt and grime in hard to clean areas like bearing surfaces.

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07-08-2016 07:52 AM


North Denver, Colorado

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I use some stuff called "Skanunu" now for shafts. Its a light bearing oil for skateboard wheels, works awesome so far, doesnt seem to attract dirt and makes the shafts butter smooth and last for a while before reapplication.

07-08-2016 09:15 AM

Key Veteran

Silver Spring, MD by way of Sidney, Ne - USA

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I use a light 3-1 oil on main shaft bearings, swashplate and tail slider.

I use a rag to clean the surface before oiling. I have not had any problems. I fly off grass and don't have a dusty cloud around the bird.

07-08-2016 11:43 AM
Andy from Sandy

Key Veteran

Bedfordshire, UK

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I have been using air tool oil or sewing machine oil as it is as thin as water. It is the sort of oil you can use in locks and it won't seize them up.

I have found 3-in-1 to be quite thick in comparison.

07-08-2016 11:59 AM

Elite Veteran


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dry lube on the tail shaft if sticky, after cleaning with solvent and paper towel or other dirt absorbant. A very little will go a long way. Oil dries and gets gummy, will stress servos on small helis, and can cause lock up on tail sliders.

White Lightning is for the belts and gears only, it will gum up the sliders when it dries.

With graphite lube it's best to take a tooth pick and drop a small amount evenly between the slider and shafts and work it a little to make sure it's distributed more evenly internally between the parts before actually flying. Drenching the parts in dry lube will cause problems however.

I try to stay away from anything, polished shafts will not need anything especially when the slider/swash collars are brass/bronze as they self lube.

simple. Oil for bearings, dry lube graphite for sliders, wax lube for belts and gears, nothing more need apply.

07-08-2016 02:07 PM

Key Veteran


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brass slider [tail & swash] or similar soft metal doesn't need lubrication

07-08-2016 02:34 PM

Key Veteran

Meridian, Mississippi

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This thread reminds me - when was the last time had a good "should I lube my balls" debate?

So... To condense the topic title, and to streamline the discussion, "should shafts be lubricated and if so, by what?"

"Well, Nothing bad can happen now."

07-09-2016 01:18 AM

Key Veteran

Indianapolis, IN USA

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"should shafts be lubricated and if so, by what?"
My personal favorite, nitro exhaust. Keeps everything well lubed and rust free!


07-09-2016 01:58 AM
Jeff polisena

Elite Veteran

westpalmbeachflorida usa

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Tri-flow workes well .WD 40 also makes a dry lube
I used Tri-flow for years during builds and maintenance .

I stole it ,flew it and gave it back ;)

07-09-2016 12:23 PM


42½ N, 83½ W

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There are all kinds of oils.
Keep it lightly oiled.
Keep the gunk from accumulating.
Re-apply as needed.
Keep flying.

07-09-2016 11:50 PM



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i have always used tri-flow .. never had any problems.
but i also cleaned all shafts after a few flights.

i was meticulous with all my birds.

and used scorpion oil im my electrics.
motor bears and all other bearing.. never a problem.
but if i did not have any left would use the tri-flow but not in the motor bearings.

07-10-2016 12:39 AM
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