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don s

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That pin that goes through the tail rotor shaft and final tail gear started coming out the other day. I noticed a very small tail fin buzz, but assumed it was from rich running. Could that pin being off center create enough havoc to cause a vibration?

The pin was kept in place only by the heat shrink surrounding it. Something was wrong with the set screw inside the shaft. When applying soldering iron heat, I could get the set screw all the way in. Anything less, no way. Could be locktite gunked in there, could be bad threads, etc. Chucked it and put a new shaft in.

E820, Raptor G4N, X50F/E, E620, Forza 450, and some planks.

07-08-2016 02:58 AM

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Yes for sure...

Tail rotor is 4-5 times main rotor speed...
So... A little unbalance cause seriuos vibes...


Saludos cordiales,

07-10-2016 01:39 AM
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