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Align MRS V1.6 firmware & V1.6 App system is now available
For more info. - Check & link :

MRS V1.6 Firmware Update (Windows)
MRS V1.6 Firmware Update (Mac)
MRS V1.6 Android
MRS V1.6 iOS
Update Instruction:

Features :
Add firmware update via App.
Add Gain Deviation Setting.

Gain Deviation: MR25 performance (steadiness or control feeling) depends on the adjustment of Gain Deviation. The higher gain settings, the better lock performance and stable flight you will get. But if the gain value is set too high, your MR25 may process oscillation during higher throttle input or faster speed rotation. With Gain Deviation function, the flight system will automatically adjust gain value if the throttle input goes higher than certain % degree to prevent oscillation issue. On the contrast, the flight system will also auto adjust gain value to keep more stable flight performance at low RPM.

Important Notice:
 Don’t turn off APP and MR25 while firmware updating.
 Before firmware updating, please turn on mobile network or Wi-Fi and remove all propellers.
 MR25 V1.6 firmware must and only compatible with Android V1.6 / iOS V1.6 APP.
 After completing MR25 V1.6 firmware update, must re-check all the parameter settings including gyro calibration before next flight.

07-07-2016 02:17 AM

Senior Heliman

Taichung, Taiwan

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More Specific MRS V1.6 Updates Description by Andrew Knight

Latest MR25 1.6 updates for the onboard MRS and the android / IOS 1.6 app updates. IOS will follow very soon.

Not only a much easier layout with more tab options but some very cool features.

1. The main appreciated part would be the firmware updater from your app. No more need for a computer to keep your MRS board up to date. Simply go to the last section in your 1.6 app (Firmware Update ) touch the Firmware Download tab / touch the little triangle drop down and select the latest firmware. Then press the Firmware Update tab. There's even a progress bar to monitor your firmware being installed.

2. A very cool update is the Gain Deviation setting. To make it easy to understand, if you were to run much higher gains at low throttle and then blasted the throttle to full, your quad would definitely start to shake / jitter because your gains are too high.

Most people tune their gains at max throttle, punch outs etc. But then the quad will feel very loose and not very precise at low throttle.
This is where the Gain Deviation setting comes into play. Some people call this TPA. This allows you to run higher gains at lower throttle and then set a point in your throttle range at which you would like to start reducing your gains and by what ever percentage you desire, giving the MR25 that locked in feeling all the way through the throttle range.
So for example at 70% throttle you want to start reducing your gains gradually to 30%, bit like setting your expo.

The list goes on - 4s battery selection / BL-Heli / 2K DV camera option and even programming your own lost model buzzer.

Align - Conquer Your heart

07-08-2016 10:02 AM
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Scorpion Power Hitec RCD
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