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This is one of two posts describing setting up a radio for a Blade 230s. This one describes the process for a JR X9303 (or X9503). My other post is for an original DX7. You can find it here: Blade 230s with original DX7 and other transmitters not in the manual

In setting up my x9303 with my Blade 230s I didn't find exactly what I needed here or anywhere else on the web. So, for anyone wanting to set up a radio that isn't included in the manual, here is some more information. My radio is a 9303, but references to it in the following description should apply to a 9503 as well and I try to show how to approach for other radios.

In setting up a transmitter to work with the 230s you need to understand how the 3 modes - Stability, Intermediate, and Agility are selected. And you need to know that the Panic mode overrides any of these other modes. All of these modes are controlled by Channel 5 (called Gear on the 9303). If you are setting up another radio, be aware that channel output varies from +100 to -100 with 0 in the middle in the menus of the 9303, your radio may be different.

Channel 5 values for the 3 flight modes are: +100 = Stability, 0 = Intermediate, -100 = Agility. You will want to use a 3 position switch. On the 9303 this means the flight mode switch or the Aux 2 switch. The flight mode switch is the obvious choice, but I will mention how to use the Aux2 switch as well. Channel 5 output +150 = Panic mode. This will be assigned to a 2 position switch that will override all other flight modes when switched to the non-standard position. On the 9303, we would like to use the Trainer switch (the only one that is spring return). However, there is no way to use that switch in the 9303 and the only switch that is easy to use is the Gear switch. Whenever the manual says "Press the trainer button" you will need to move the Gear switch to the lower (1) position. Whenever the manual says "Release the trainer button" you will need to return the Gear switch to the upper (0) position.

With that background, here is the programming for the 9303. First off - the DeviceSEL menu:

If you prefer to not have the flight modes on the FMOD switch, you can use AUX2 instead of FMOD.

You can use any mix PROG.MIX3 through PROG.MIX6 for the flight mode:

This mix will output +100 or 0 or -100 on channel 5 based on the position of the flight mode switch. It will only do this if the Gear switch is in the normal position (Pos0).

You can use any other mix PROG.MIX3 through PROG.MIX6 for the panic mode:

This mix will output +150 to channel 5 if the Gear switch is in the down position (Pos1).

Phil Heavin

07-01-2016 01:32 PM



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230s with JR X9303

Excellent write up, ph7. I'm sure this will be helpful to other people in setting up their TX's

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07-05-2016 09:18 AM


Sunnyvale, CA

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Just got my 230s yesterday. I have a JR X9303 and not that familiar with mixes. Setup would have taken way longer without this. The part regarding the gear channel values vs flight mode is very helpful. Thank you!

Citizen #830

08-26-2016 09:42 PM



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Excellent Post Phil !!

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08-29-2016 01:39 AM
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