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shrewsbury. ma. u.s.a.

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on my drones Ive been using just a camera, but i would like to have FPV now, here are my requirements, and in cheap so i would like to keep it that way, so i need some help putting something that will work for me, any and all help is always appreciated

what i have
1. DJI Phantom 1.1.1.....................2.4 GHz
2. 3DR Iris plus..............................2.4 GHz

what i would like

1. a 5.8 ghz monitor with dual diversity, and i guess the spiral antenna, a on board receiver and battery, DVR maybe maybe not ,i think they say its not good to record while dvr is better ?????? don't like all that bulky stuff dangling

2. go-pro or go-pro type camera, but i know they are not cheap, but i could find used

3. compatible TX for go pro,and all wires to connect and i will power it off the lipo on-board the quad

4. the iris will have a gimble, the phantom....not yet

so i know i could spend days reading, but i figured i would jump ahead and ask for help, i want to get some distance, and clear video, but don't want to spend a gazillion dollars, im not Forest Trump......LOL

06-18-2016 12:59 PM

Senior Heliman

Indiana, USA

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There are many companies selling FPV kits. They come with a 5.8ghz transmitter, receiver, and camera (some with monitors)...Look at Banggood, Get FPV, Gearbest...Amazon probably has soemhting as well...I just bought a nice setup from Eachine for my 180 FPV Quad...



06-20-2016 01:26 PM
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