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Musab Mohamed Masmari EXCLUSIVE: Muslim Arsonist of Gay Club Was Obama State Dept Arab Cultural Ambassador! Feds: Terrorism.

A Muslim charged with and videotaped pouring gasoline on a gay club and setting it on fire was an “Arab Cultural Ambassador” for the State Department when it hosted visiting Iraqi “journalists” in Seattle.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force is involved in the investigation because IT. IS. TERRORISM. Islamic terrorism, to be exact. And what’s so interesting is that this guy was a “9/11 Arab Cultural Ambassador” FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT(!) helping out Iraqi journalists who came to America! Alhamdillullah [praise allah].

I checked the guy’s Facebook profile page (join me on Facebook), and guess what? He’s from Benghazi, Libya. What is he doing here? Was he one of those Libyans to whom Obama and Janet Napolitano gave Temporary Protected Status here when Qaddafi was still in power and Obama was supporting the Al-Qaeda forces against him? Betcha he is.

Obama's State Department committing terrorism in the US? Sure, why not?

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02-06-2014 Over year old.

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OF COURSE he set fire to a gay club....What else would you expect from barry and the gang.....?


02-09-2014 Over year old.
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