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to all that own the both heli's. I wanted to know you'll opinion,about why you like either.No matter what reason and do they fly the same,like are they both real stable hovering,and which is more 3d capable and why

anthony jackson

10-06-2013 Over year old.


Santa Cruz, CA

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I like the 550 slightly more due to the size, cheaper, easier batteries at 6s, quieter.
For me it is more relaxing to fly. I have the yge gov and full size vbar.

The 600 is bigger and that helps with tic tocs, autos and other big moves.

I have flown my 550 way more than my 600 since I bought it.

Best is get both

RPM is your friend..................................until you crash

10-19-2013 Over year old.
johnnie eagle

Senior Heliman

Florham Park, NJ 07932

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550 vs 600

I have both and both are great. I've also had a 500 a 600 SE and a 700 all Mikados. They are all great and they all feel a little different. But getting back to the 550 vs 600 SX. From my Mikado fleet I chose to keep the 550SX and the 600SX because they are both very stable while doing 3D flawlessly. Whereas the 600 has more power and autos better, I feel the 550 is a little more nimble and I find myself flying that more than any other heli I've ever owned. It just feels great, one 6S battery, no muss no fuss, good flight time and like someone else said I'm more relaxed when flying it. It does everything very well and yes it does auto pretty darn good. I'm very pleased with the overall performance and always recommend it to other pilots.

Team Minicopter - Peak Aircraft, Team Kontronik USA

11-03-2013 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Rindge, NH 03461

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Logo 600 SX vs 550SX

I have both and like the 600 SX much more. I was expecting to like the 550 SX more since it is almost as big and I like the idea of using one battery. Must say it is quite a disappointment, just doesn't perform like the 600.

11-05-2013 Over year old.
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