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Well I received a blade 500 x bnf model for my college graduation this week and have noticed that there have not been that many posts about it. I thought I would just briefly describe my first thoughts on the model.

Here's a brief background on myself... I have been flying airplanes for 15 years and helis for about 6. I mainly fly 3d, but am getting more into the FAI style of flying as I am finding it more difficult (fun) to be more precise. I do have several other blade models including the ncpx, mcpx, and the 130x. I normally fly those in the winter and stick to my whiplash and rave in the summer.

Okay, down to my little review so far on the 500... When I got the box the first thing I liked was how it was packaged just like all the other eflite and blade stuff. I understand that a lot of experienced pilots look down on the blade helicopters, but I have found over the past couple years they have really done the hobby a good service; providing affordable, bnf helicopters that actually fly well. Even though the blade 500's price is a little expensive, it is right on par, or even cheaper than other 500 size helis out there, but has the distinct advantage of being nearly ready to fly. Even though I actually enjoy building and fixing my own helis it was nice to just pull the 500 out of the box, charge the battery, set up the radio, and fly. From unpacking to flying was around 20 min.

I have only owned one other 500 size heli (atom 500), but have flown several others at our club and I have to say that I really like flying it so far. It flies much bigger than it is and is very smooth. I found the manual setup to work very well and the only adjustments that I made was on the tail gain.

The helicopter is not completely without faults however. There are a few items which I have some issues with. First, the amount of play in the tail rotor assy/tail pitch slider. The tail holds fine in flight and even fast backwards hurricanes, but I still don't like the amount of play in the whole assy. My second issue is power. It certainly has enough power to throw any 3d maneuver I can do at it, but care must be taken for good collective management. This isn't really a huge problem for me, but some people that like the new super powered electric setups today may not like it.

In conclusion I would highly recommend the 500x for someone who is looking to move up the blade "ladder" of helicopters or even for an experienced pilot who is looking for a good flying helicopter that can be flown to the limits right away with minimal prep time.

Thanks everyone for reading this long review! If anyone has questions about the Blade 500 don't hesitate to ask!

02-17-2013 Over year old.

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Thanks for the very nice review.

I just got my 500 3d up and going. I bought it used/crashed and repaired it like new. I also noticed a little tail slop, but not really that much, probably less than my 450x, lol! Even with the 500 3d eflite tail gyro the tail holds very solid without any kick-backs after hard stops.

This heli is way too pokey for me with it's stock 12t pinion so I have ordered a 13t one (comes stock with the 500x) to see if this livens it up a bit. I'll probably eventually take it to FBL, which is what it likely needs for good 3D.

My only complaint is that the maingears seem to be made out of very hard black plastic rather than white/nylon ones on most of my other heli's. This material looks identical to that used on my old Blade SR maingear, yikes!

Probably very strong, but maybe a bit brittle since I did manage to break 2x adjacent teeth off (rest of gear was perfect) when I failed to let the soft-start re-initialise properly and it started up a bit on the quick side, but not really that bad. I've had the same, or a bit faster startups on my other heli's without striping the maingear.

Also, the hard black plastic may prove to cause a bit of wear on the brass motor pinion. Mine is already showing a bit of wear.

Overall, I think this heli and the 450x are currently Blades's best designed heli's to date.


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02-17-2013 Over year old.
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