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What would be the week link in the head if 680 blades are used?
I already have lengthened the tail boom and have been running an os 70 with 680 blades at 1800 rpm without a problem. I do loops flips and rolls and no hard 3d. The bolt that holds the blade grips on is the same size as a raptor 90. I have taken the head apart several times to check for premature wear and have not found anything abnormal. Has anyone else tried this and had a failure?
I have read that others have tried it. I only fly this by myself on my own 50 acres.

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02-11-2012 Over year old.



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The weak link is the head. The grips and the spindle are not designed for the loads 680's are going to impart. Regardless of if you fly alone or not, keep that machine WAAAY the heck away from you if you are going to do that. I'd suggest waiting for John's 90 conversion to get the proper head on your machine.

02-17-2012 Over year old.
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