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Audacity Models Pantera 50 - Tiger 50


Pantera P6


Senior Heliman

Webster, Texas

I was reading Radio Control Helicopter Magazine Summer 2011 and saw in the buyers guild,this new Heli coming out. When will it be out and about how much is going to cost?


Is it the weekend yet?

06-25-2011 Over year old.


Nottingham NH

Go to their site. It's been shipping for a few weeks, I think it costs $300.

Nick Crego

Citizen #0168

06-25-2011 Over year old.

Elite Veteran


It's not a new heli but it's a few changes to the Pantera and a new styled plastic canopy. Price is back to $299 these days.


06-27-2011 Over year old.
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Audacity Models Pantera 50 - Tiger 50


Pantera P6

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