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Who is sponsored by Whom?


Elite Veteran

West Monroe, LA

Ya but have you ever had him cheer you on while your flying??? He is the best at it, no doubt.
I've seen many a pilot bury one while entertaining that little guy...
Definitely makes one push his limits!

High Voltage just works better

04-12-2012 Over year old.


Edson, Alberta, Canada

Tareq works for outrage and SAB I beleive.
No we better clear this up, the man doesen't work, he'll never need to in his entire life, he is a gazillionare.

...Once upon a time there were Nitros, flybars and frequency pins...

04-12-2012 Over year old.


jenks, OK

True but I think he works in design and prototyping.

04-13-2012 Over year old.


North Denver, Colorado

To be born in Dubai as a man they are set for life and don't need to work a single day to to earn money.

04-15-2012 Over year old.


Northwest Georgia

Don't forget about US pilot, Ben Storik for Team Mikado

04-15-2012 Over year old.

Key Veteran

Alhambra, CA

Current List Compass Sponsored Pilots:

Caleb White
David Ketelhut
Jeff Pfiefer
John Cook
Richard Keppel
Eric Brandenberg
Tony Whiteside

Team KBDD/Team Compass/Prostar Hobby/Team JR Americas/Gens Ace/Robird Demo Pilot/WR Field Rep

04-15-2012 Over year old.
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Main Discussion


Who is sponsored by Whom?

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