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Antiques or Out of Business


Huge collection of Kalt Parts


Elite Veteran

North Carolina

tracknoob, which kalt helis do you fly?

Man, I miss the eighties.

07-30-2011 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Miami Florida

Baron 20,
Enforcer ZR,

07-30-2011 Over year old.


birmingham uk

my kits

i got alpha gs trex 600 with **** conversion with 20cc zenoah and a raptor 30 witch is up for sale soon o and a baron 30 in bits due to go on ebay

07-30-2011 Over year old.


payson az usa

wanted baron20 parts

looking for parts for baron20 tailroter assembly main roter linkedge and a few other

08-03-2011 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Miami Florida

USPS says my own Kalt bag-o-parts should be here this week, so as stated earlier, I'll make a text list and post it here with any 'doubles' or 'extras' that I don't need to resupply my own spares.

ARSJ, I think that list *will* include some Kalt Baron 20 tail pieces, and linkage, so check back on this thread later in the week, or early next week.

Again, I am not going to be trying to make money or start a business, just share info and parts that still exist for these old helis with those who still want to field them and see them fly.

08-03-2011 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Miami Florida

Okay, my parts came in. Yay! I am about through cataloging them, and while there are a bunch, as I was cross referencing the P/Ns from my packages to which heli they are used on, it became increasingly apparent that:

1) 98% of what I received are Space Baron/Enforcer ZR parts. That's great because I will keep those, to have spares for my own Enforcer ZR,

2)95% of what I got are also parts that are actually not particularly rare or hard to get. For instance, most of them are available right now on Ebay via sheldonshobbies, if you will use keyword "kalt" to search.

3) Unlike me, that vendor is set up to take paypal, and to ship, and has photos of all parts, so they are your best bet. (I am completely unaffiliated with them or any other business)

4) I did receive a Alpha canopy window, but the P/N is neither of those previously cited, although from the photo it looks a perfect match. The one I got is P/N 0602-109-6, NIP, $25 paypal, shipped. I also have an apparently hard-to-get Omega products main gear, kalt part number 71003, $40 paypal, shipped.

5) So removing those and the Space Baron parts, the rest of the NIP parts are nothing more than a few odds and ends, listed below in csv format. PM me if you see anything that you might be interested in:

PN,Description,Mfg / Used on,Comment
3045K,tail pitch slider,???,New
0101-084-8,autorotation hub w/one way bearing and gear,???,NIP
2063,Capital CPT tail rotor mount,????,NIP
997K,Clutch Lining,?????,NIP
HMXE4800,Concept 30 drill and jig,Helimax,NIP
20rx,"Rcvr Xtal Channel 20, 72.190",Hitek,NIP
HDD 001,???,Hobby Dynamics,NIP
60K,Fly Bar paddles and weights,K&S,NIP
A7,EM Alum Manifold for Concept 30,K&S,NIP
F3C,Fly Bar paddles and weights,K&S,NIP
H-1026,Double threaded control rod coupler,Step & Step,NIP
S860,Tail Wheel Bracket,Sullivan,NIP
609,Control balls,TSK,NIP

08-05-2011 Over year old.


Stockholm, Sweden

Whisper part

I,m still looking for a canopy for my Whisper. Not the screen, just the canopy....

08-09-2011 Over year old.


Sydney Australia


Hi all,
Has anyone got a old KALT Baron 50 fuel tank?
I bought the heli though no fuel tank in it and would like to keep it original.


MA Pro2k,SE99,Pro2,Fury60,1005gas Freya 60+90, Kalt Enforcer ZR, Baron 20+50+60 Apha1/2+Zeus

08-16-2011 Over year old.
Kalt baron


new york

do you still have the kalt barons 20's? i want to buy some parts.

12-24-2011 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Miami Florida

Seems I've got mostly Space Baron stuff, but since I do have 3 flyable Baron 20s, I also do have *some* NIP spares put aside, and some used (but still usable) spares, too.

If you need a particular part, and can let me know what it is, I can scrounge around and might be able to help, but if you are doing some major work or need a complete rebuild, then Ebay might be the best bet.

12-24-2011 Over year old.

Senior Heliman


I have a Whisper canopy...make a offer.

Champion,Magic,MiniBoy,Xcell60+50,Intrepid,Intrepid Gas,Baron30,Whisper,300X,mCPXv1v2,Concept,Nexus

12-25-2011 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

portsmouth hampshire uk

kalt barron

hello ,we have had comunication before,sadly with no sucsess,i was talking to midland helicopter today and they said you are about now ...i am looking for a complete for pats for a barron gs.
manythanks steve

02-06-2012 Over year old.


Roma - Italy

I am looking for spare parts of Kalt Baron 60 (all version was the same gears and tail gearbox), in detail I need main gears 80/67 and pinion, plus tail gearbox assembled.

The original parts number of stuff I need was:

B60-4-06 main gear 80 theets
B60-4-07 angle main gear 67 theets (tail trasmission)
B60-4-08 Autorotation bearings set
B60-4-10 pinion tail trasmission
B60-6-01 tail gearbox assembled
B60-06-9 Tail road 2mm
B60-6-10 Tail harms
A-302-08-12 Tail part

You can see parts number drawing at this page (search Baron 60 EC explodede view)

Could you help me to find something about all this stuff?


03-08-2012 Over year old.

Elite Veteran

W. Bridgewater, MA USA

Here is a main gear. It is for a Kalt 60, but it is 88 teeth

03-09-2012 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Miami Florida

Sorry I don't have any of those parts, but I do have something you might find useful:

I found an old hard copy of the cross-reference from when Kalt took all their part numbers and converted them to a single system. Originally, you might have a part number "01-10" that was "assembly 01, tenth part used" but you can see that the same number could come up for the Baron 50, and for the Baron 20, but not really be the same part. And then, they had common parts, like screws, that did not fit into the scheme.

Eventually, all old part numbers got a new number, and here is my consolidated electronic list, from the hardcopy, of all Kalt heli part numbers.

So, when you are looking for something on the web, you might look for both the old as well as the new part number, because some people might not use the old numbers you listed.

03-09-2012 Over year old.
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Antiques or Out of Business


Huge collection of Kalt Parts

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