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I ditched the flybar over a year ago, however, i have only flown it about 15 times. So I thought it was about time i said something since i could find almost nothing at the time to help me. I decided to try and use as much of the stock heli as i could and here's what i did.

Parts needed, other than the Mini vbar, were:

1. 450 sized swash driver; i used this one:
I had to remove the arms and links from the swash driver and use the stock mixing arms and links, modified as shown, to prevent binding.

2. Blade grip linkage rods from the Eflite Blade 400:
The conversion requires blade grip linkage rods approximately 50mm long and the only ones i could find that where compatible with the mini titan links were these.

That's it for parts. Everything else is stock. Cheap and easy!
My setup:
Mini Titan stock kit
Medusa 28-32-3400 motor
CC Phoenix 50A ice ESC
Flight Power 25C 2150MAH
Mini V-bar
JR 3400G tail servo
Three JR DS290G servos
JR 790 PCM Rx
Controlled by my 9303

Since i don't have many flights i can't give a thorough review of flight characteristics but i can say that it has been good and stable from the first flight on doing mild 3D. Also this conversion has allowed a pitch range of + or - 25 degrees which is overkill but with the right setup you could teach the air a thing or two. More to come as the flying season is about to start. FYI I'm not flying it with that much pitch.

--Eagles may soar high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines!--

03-17-2011 Over year old.


Medina, MN

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I'm in the process of converting my e325 to FBL via SKOOKUM SK720. Did you have success with your stock head conversion? I like the idea of $30 in parts or would you recommend it or get a different head altogether?


07-20-2011 Over year old.


Missouri... Originally Indiana

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I have put about 50 flights on mine so far doing mild to moderate 3D. The stock head conversion is doing great. I wouldn't change a thing so far.

--Eagles may soar high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines!--

07-29-2011 Over year old.
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