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Compass Atom-500-6HV-7HV Warp-360 Chronos

6 HV review


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Pilot Review: My build and flying notes


Okay guys... this is my humble, honest take on my 6HV build and initial flights. Please note that while I've been flying about four years, I do not have lots of experience with larger helis or Compass Model like some of you guys. Also, some of what I'll mention here is or may be mentioned in other threads, and I'm sure to miss many helpful tidbits.

I'll also give a shout out and THANK YOU to everyone who helped me achive great success with this helicopter! Thanks Compass, Heli Newbie (CB), Kevin at KBDD, SimonSieze (Cullen), everyone's helpfull tips here on the Freak, and Mercuriel for your build vids.


The box looks fancy and it gets you excited when looking inside! I like all the pre-built sub-assemblies, especially when one does not have to tear it all down to do it properly (i.e. LocTite). The canopy is the best scheme I've seen from Compass. You will notice the quality material and machining--nothing came across to me as being "cheap".

I don't feel the need to do everything in the order per the manual, but chose my own logical progress for the build. Basically, use the manual as a guide, actually READ through it, use past experience as a guide, and get help from others. This was a pretty simple build, but if you're new ask questions and seek help just to be safe. Plenty has been mentioned on these forums already.

Here is what I'm running:
Stock Motor with 10T pinion
(flat 100% throttle curve for 3D)
Stock HobbyWing ESC
Castle Creations BEC Pro (set to 6V)
Spektrum AR 7600
Align DS610 cyclic servos
Hyperion heavy duty arms
Spartan Quark, metal case
Align DS650 tail servo
Turnigy 2650 6s 40C Lipo pairs (940 grams)

I put Deans T connectors on my batteries (and series wiring) so that I can possibly use the batteries in a 500. For the connection to the ESC I use 6mm bullets, and with the anti-spark connector work great. I laid them out so I could power on and off with the canopy on. Hopefully you can see other aspects of my setup from pictures I will post.


First thing I noticed when lifting off for the maiden was how stable this thing is. I could almost hover hands off. Granted, I only had 10 deg pitch and 6 deg cyclic, but when 3D stuff came, the rates didn't feel as low as I thought they would. Yes, I will want a bit more as I get used to the 6HV, but you may find you don't need as much as you think you do.

Boy does it move... this thing is lean and mean. I could feel the lightness, yet it tracks very well and pulls through large maneuvers. I have not weighed my setup yet, but others have stated theirs (around 7.3 lbs or so).

After flights, packs and esc were barely warm, and the motor was hot at the top of the can. It has been said that a timing of 22.5 in the esc is best, that is what I'm using.

I was right at home with the 6HV, and am sure to punish it more as I fly it more and my packs break in. It is unboggable and will do anything. I will post more observations in this thread later, and some video is sure to come in the future. You've probably already seen some of the great vids showing what this machine can do.

Some Positives

Lots and lots. Lets see... it flies good, it flies great.... oh, yeah, it's a super-good-time! As I said, packaging, looks, material quality, machining and design... all great in my opinion. It was cool to see they updated the silver skids and boom supports to anodized black. It just flies so nice (as discussed above).

The motor shaft-end support / pinion shroud is a great design feature. These newer high performance electrics pretty much require a bearing on both sides of the pinion.

I don't know what other blades I may try, but the included 615mm mains are perfect. Mine were balanced and the finish looked good. More importantly they are great all around in the air.

Some things folks will complain about (not all that bad really):

One gripe is that no cyclic servo horns came in the kit. This cost me another ~$16. You need to get some heavy duty servo arms with holes between 22-27mm from center. The Hyperions are what I use and many others do too (just two packs covers it).
I used the large horns and the 23mm holes (for better resolution) and not the XL horns that have the recommended 26mm hole spacing. Your choice.

Because the heli is low profile and due to the head mechanics, it is hard to get lots of pitch dialed in (as you'll see others post about). Is this a problem? Not really... you'll be amazed what this thing will do on 10 deg! (And you can get more than that)
There are mods you can do to maximize pitch rates. Depending on the servo arm brand and ball-distance you use, just see what might be binding and think what material will be safe to remove to allow that little extra. i.e.: Notching the anti-rotation bracket for the elevator ball link is common; I wouldn't think it difficult for Compass to update this part.
You could also do what RMG2 did:

The screws for the servos are self-tapping and thread into the carbon frames. I've been told this works fine long term and you can also use glue. Others use plastic nuts or retainers for the screw ends or use machine screws and nuts. The manual says not to use the usual rubber servo grommets, but I did for now, to get the spacing I needed for the elevator and rudder. They are mounted solid.

It might have been nice to have a 3rd main shaft bearing, or at least a larger size for the two. Time will tell how many flights you get on these bearings. No biggie.


You should seriously consider this heli if you are thinking about a 600E. You hear less about this one than some other brands, but that doesn't mean much. I've been seeing more about the 6HV all the time, and it's all good stuff! You could compare it to a Logo in performance, especially with FBL, but it is much more affordable. Now that I am flying this, I can honestly say it does feel great in the air, with high performance and quality parts!
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Caleb | team KBDD
Compass 6HV flying like magic! Current fav

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05-18-2010 05:04 AM


Lancaster, OH - USA

Oh, well thanks for copying it over CB!
Now I will try to get pics in here after work.

Caleb White -- Compass Model - KBDD - MKS - BeastX

05-18-2010 07:19 PM


Santa Rosa Ca. U.S.A.

Awesome review man! I really like the detail. I love my 6HV this thing fly's like its on rails with rockets atached

05-19-2010 08:10 AM


Lancaster, OH - USA

good to hear NorCal, what's your power setup and curves/gov? Pitch, headspeed?

Caleb White -- Compass Model - KBDD - MKS - BeastX

05-19-2010 01:25 PM


Santa Rosa Ca. U.S.A.

well I have the stock motor with the stock ten tooth on rite now with the max 1971 governed head speed that the cc ice80hv will give me. I am running 12+- pitch. I plan on going 100% flat throttle curve next time I fly. It has a lot of power already at 1971 head speed. This bird is just so light. I cant wait to spin it up at 100% it should be crazy fast. When I make my next order I plan on picking up a 11 tooth to try it out governed. Maybe Once I try it 100% flat I wont want to get a different pinion... we will see. All in all this heli is just locked in. And as said before at 1971 head speed this thing just rips all over the sky. So at 2200 I think it gets with 100% flat, it should be unstoppable.

05-19-2010 05:29 PM

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Lewis Center, OH

You can run a higher governed HS than the Castle software says. The software assumes a per cell voltage lower than what is normal so it complains. Going to 11t will definately give more headroom but you can run higher on 10t than Castle says.

05-19-2010 06:09 PM


Santa Rosa Ca. U.S.A.

It might be a little higher. I run gov high and the rpm wont go up any more. I will put a tach on it next time I'm out.

05-19-2010 06:57 PM

Senior Heliman


Thanks for valuable info, Mine is on the way.

05-25-2010 07:15 AM


Lancaster, OH - USA

Here's a 'lil vid from Cinci funfly Saturday:

Caleb White -- Compass Model - KBDD - MKS - BeastX

05-25-2010 02:18 PM

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Canada's Capital


Watch at YouTube


Gaui NX4
Align 450 DFC
Ely.Q 1.05 DFC
Align 250 DFC

05-26-2010 01:27 AM
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Compass Atom-500-6HV-7HV Warp-360 Chronos

6 HV review

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