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Scorpion Power Hitec RCD


Las Vegas, NV

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Please help, i have this thing all torn apart to replace the frame, but now I don't know how to put the wires in place

04-09-2009 Over year old.

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Nobleton, Ontario - Canada

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If you are talking about the connections to the receiver... page 23 of your manual has some of the info...

If the controls still do not respond properly after ensuring the dip switch positions are correct, you
should also check the servo connections to the receiver. The servos should be connected
to the corresponding channel on the receiver as follows (when viewing the helicopter from
AILE (Aileron) Channel—Left-hand rear aileron servo
ELEV (Elevator) Channel—Forward elevator servo
AUX1 (Pitch) Channel—Right-hand rear pitch servo

In addition to this:
- the gyro (3 wire) plugs into the Rudder channel 4
- the gyro (1 wire) plugs into the Gear channel 5
- the 2-in-1 tail plugs into the gyro
- the 2-in-1 main plugs into the Throttle channel 1
- nothing plugs into the receiver battery connection
- 2-in-1 main motor pig-tail plugs into the main motor pig-tail (2 wire)
- 2-in-1 tail motor pig-tail plugs into the tail motor pig-tail (2 wire)

Hope that helps!

04-14-2009 Over year old.
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ProModeler Scorpion Power
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