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How to do a big round loop


Senior Heliman

Ho Chi Minh


Whenever I do loop, the loop does not round and big. Following steps are what I did

1. Stall turn at high altitude to either left or right hand side
2. Fly heli back to my position then pull cyclic back while keep the positive pitch until it hit the top of the loop then reduce the pitch to 0 or a little negative
3. When heli at 270 degree, I return + 5.5 and fly away

Above steps does not give me a big round loops at all but at least it is a loop. It happens to both of my 30 size and 50 size glow engine heli.

I have read some theory says that the pitch is 0 at the first 90 degree (1/4 loop) of the loop then gradually reduce to - 3 or 4 at the top then +5 degree at 3/4 of loop. Follow these steps and I end up with the heli stall and tumble at top of the loop.

I am wondering how to do a big round loop? Do you have any trick/technique to guide me.


03-12-2008 Over year old.


UK. Herts

Lots of forward speed going into the loop and don't overcook anything. Can't be specific on inputs cos I don't think about it but you need very little collective once you've pulled into the 1st quarter of the loop because you don't want to do anything to bleed off speed. Take advantage of momentum and gravity at the top and enjoy. However, flying on a windy day does get more technical.

Vegetable rights and Peace

03-15-2008 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

North West Ohio

It is more in the cyclic than pitch.
Don't fly the body though the loop as with a plank.
Fly the flight path though the circle.

03-15-2008 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Ho Chi Minh

Yug & helicoop,

OK, will try to gain high speed, use cylic then loop. I hope it works


03-17-2008 Over year old.

Elite Veteran


Try it on a windy day
Fly INTO the wind
Pull back SLOWLY

try playing with cyclic and pitch during the loop on the sim.

If done right you can make very large loops (50+ meters?) even with a 50 size

06-05-2008 Over year old.

Key Veteran

Lynnwood, WA

Giant loops are one of my favorites. I try to make them (estimating) 400ft or larger.

The way I do them the heli is mostly still level through the first quarter. I use collective to make the shape of the first quarter of the loop.

As I go through the second quarter I start pulling back gently to bring the nose up slowly. I will take the whole second quarter to go from mostly level to nose-up. This is pretty much the key to giant loops. I'm still able to use the lift of the disk to take me higher through the whole second quarter.

At the top of the loop, I'm finally vertical. I smoothly pull back a little more to bring the heli inverted.

Then I finish the loop as normal. Be ready to deal with all that extra speed you are going to have as you come around.



06-05-2008 Over year old.


Nashville, TN

You may want to post this in the FAI/F3C area; we typically fly large loops in contest flying.


06-07-2008 Over year old.

Key Veteran

Mobile, Al

I flew my first loops today and they were big and UGLY! I made the mistake of entering the loop downwind on the last try and almost earned another "kill marker" for my flight box!

They weren't pretty, but they were loops and they were fun! Well, the last wasn't all that much fun, but the first three were.

Larry Rogers - R/C Helicopter Pilot

06-09-2008 Over year old.

Key Veteran


marked23 has a very good description of how it's done..... And if there's a nice and steady wind,,,,, you could even make it much more bigger.....

06-15-2008 Over year old.
Santiago P


South West, Ohio

I concur with marked23 method of doing BIG loops. The other ingredient you need is Gobs of power and speed, lots of speed entering the loop.

Good luck doing them with a 30 size heli.

06-16-2008 Over year old.
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Aerobatic 3D Contest


How to do a big round loop

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