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Antiques or Out of Business


Kobe-Kiko, Helis?


Key Veteran

Hovering around Atlanta

Two Heads (are better?)

Hi Modtron,

KKK produced two flybarless heads. One is a three-blade intended for the H-300 (any model) and the other head is the one supplied stock with the R22. The R22 head is a very close copy of the full-scale Robinson head. There's also a flybar version of the R22 head as supplied on the KKK Fox and it looks almost like something Kalt would have produced (mixing levers and such).

I own all the above mentioned heads and heli's so I could supply pix if requested. Maybe it's time for some new pictures in my gallery...



So many heli's - too little time...

11-01-2004 Over year old.


fort mill sc usa

Kobe Hughes 300

I have a Kobe 300 with the two blade head. This helicopter is powered by a OS 50 motor. It appears to be all there and is in good shape. I started putting a radio in it but have lost interest. If any one has an interest in e-mail me and I will send photos. Thanks

11-17-2004 Over year old.
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Antiques or Out of Business


Kobe-Kiko, Helis?

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