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My first unplanned autorotation


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E. Amherst, NY

I get my first unplanned autorotation today. While hovering my Evo50 about 20ft high, I subtrim the elevator and aileron setting, but somehow I accidentally flip the throttle hold switch. The engine goes idle for a couple of seconds before I realize I have hit the throttle hold switch. I flip it back, and the heli goes back to normal.

I feel very excited of this, and so I try again by bringing the heli about 40 to 50 ft high. The first time I try it, I have the throttle idle for 5 seconds before flipping it back with the throttle at around 60%. The heli goes back to normal flight The second time I try it, I have the throttle hold also for 5 seconds before flipping it back but this time with the throttle at 100%. As soon I flip it back, the heli somehow is a bit out of control for a short moment and then it rockets into the sky. I am so scared as I almost crash. Is that normal? I have my pitch curve for throttle hold as -4,0,5.5,8,10.

Besides, what is the proper way of doing the autorotation?


04-14-2007 Over year old.

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Nanoose Bay B.C, Canada

the best way to practice autos is on the simulator, come from all angles and kill the engine and try to land, i even had a friend of mine sit there and flick the switch whenever he felt like it, and i had to try to land.. usually you go full negitive pitch and fall till about 20 of so feet, then slowly flare it up and set it down. it also helps to be moving forwards as it keeps up the headspead.

04-14-2007 Over year old.

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Birmingham , UK

what you've done it to apply full power as soon as you take off throttle hold.

This is a large rotation force on the Heli, which until the Tail blades are up to speed the Gyro can't compenstae so you have the heli react as you expirence.

The best way would be to release the throttle hold with the Throttle at Hover point, not such a violent reaction. So as you are ready to come out of the atuo raise the throttel to auto and realease hold, don't take to long or your kill any head speed.

Or even Better have the engine Idle at a higher RPM so it just generating lift on your first few attempts.


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04-14-2007 Over year old.

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[quote]Or even Better have the engine Idle at a higher RPM so it just generating lift on your first few attempts[B]

this is good piece of advice, it does help alot, i used the idle setting at about 5/6 ( FF9)

it just ket the blades slowly spinning, until i got used to the timing of flaring.

The simulator in my opinion doesnt help, as you do not learn periferal vision, in reality your depth and field of view is completely different.

I started doing it at head height, click into throttle hold and learned to flare it.

Then when i went for it first time i gavemyself plenty of height, went into a high circuit into wind at the right distance away from myself, and then with forward speed cut the throttle, it was a scrappy landing but with time and practice i learnt to Auto down to a specific spot.

It takes time, a little forward speed, and nerves, and good pitch settings.

Enjoy cos it is a skill that will save your helli at some future time.


All The Best

04-14-2007 Over year old.

Senior Heliman

Lake Zurich U.S.A.

Legoman67 you said you go to full negative pitch I have always gone to just a little of negative pitch and then like you said start your flare around 20 feet.

Runway? what runway??

04-14-2007 Over year old.

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Richmond IN.

..Your lucky you did not fold the blades when you flipped the motor back on...I seen a buddy of mine doing autos and he felt the blades stalled and he tried to save it before he landed very hard and flipped the throttle hold off and the engine instanly folded the blades and the heli destroyed itself in the was a sight to see..

04-14-2007 Over year old.


Henderson, Nevada

bmw, i'm with you. full negative pitch will slow your headspeed down considerably. -3 to -5 is all need to keep up with the rate of descent.

04-14-2007 Over year old.


La Vista, NE.

When you are coming down listen for the blades they make a really nice sound when the pitch is right. If you hear them slowing down bail out. Make sure you start in "normal" mode as you'd prefer not to hit full throttle on bailout. You shouldn't need more than -4 for the ride down. make sure there is a breeze and you are going straight into it for your first autos, it really helps.

I do not add collective until about chest high. I don't start the flair until about 10'-15'. Practice on the sim - a lot. Also helps to get a feel for things by doing baby auto's from 4'-5'. Gives you an idea of what your hang time will be like.

Every flight I do has at least one auto.

Team GrandRC

04-15-2007 Over year old.
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Main Discussion


My first unplanned autorotation

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